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Welcome! You have found a versatile data scientist well-versed in Japanese/Korean.

Halskov.net is the personal website of Jakob Halskov. My core skills and work experience lie in the fields of IT (esp. text/data mining) and Asian languages. I hold multiple degrees in language studies (BA in Japanese, MA in English, TOPIK test in Korean), a PhD in computational linguistics (2007), and more recently a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (2012).

On this website you will find a little information on both Korean and Japanese, but also some stuff related to my other key interests, for example the intriguing analytic potential of the nascent field of Behavior Informatics.

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YANS 2016

August 28-30 I represented FRONTEO at the Young Researcher Association for NLP Studies (YANS) 2016, taking place at a highly scenic location at Shirahama in Wakayama. It has almost doubled in scope since 2015!

ACL 2016

August 8-10 I represented FRONTEO at ACL 2016 in Berlin. The largest ACL so far with over 1,600 participants!

22nd annual meeting of the Japanese Association for NLP

March 7-11 I presented UBIC's latest technologies at the 22nd annual Japanese NLP conference in Sendai.


Attending LawTech Europe Congress 2015 in Brussels

October 26-27 I will attend the European version of the American eDiscovery conference LegalTech. There will be interesting presentations on the use of AI in eDiscovery and much more (see the programme at the conference website).

Presenting a poster at BioIT World Conference & Expo 2015 in Boston

April 21-23 I attended the BioIT World Conference & Expo 2015 in Boston and presented a poster for UBIC on mining biomedical knowledge from text using Knowledge Patterns. You can read the Japanese news release.


Attending JISIC 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands

September 24-26 I attended the IEEE Joint Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (JISIC) 2014 conference in Holland. Highly interesting to get an update on the state-of-the-art in automatic fraud detection, sentiment analysis, anomaly detection etc.

Representing UBIC at the IPSJ 76th Conference in Tokyo

March 11th to March 13th I introduced a mix of IT students, researchers and people from industry to UBIC's new Behavior Informatics products at the Information Processing Society of Japan's 76th conference at Tokyo Denki University.

Introducing Japanese Institutional Investors to UBIC's NLP

On March 6 I introduced investors from Nomura, Mitsubishi UFJ and others to UBIC's NLP technologies (in Japanese).

Attending Legal Tech in New York

February 4th to February 6th I represented the UBIC R&D team at the Legal Tech 2014 trade show in New York. The most important event in the legal technology industry.


Attending ACM conference in Luxembourg with Industrial Paper

From October 28 to October 31 I was in Luxembourg attending the MEDES/ACM conference on Emerging Digital Ecosystems with an Industrial Paper on exciting new features of Lit i View, UBIC's eDiscovery review software. It may be a small country, but it seems quite interesting as it is of course still an international financial hub, but recently it has also started becoming an international data haven. Read UBIC's press release for more information (Japanese), or the article in New York Times.

Asian Summer School in Information Access

On June 22nd I attended the poster session of ASSIA 2013 at Tsukuba University and presented the preliminary research results for UBIC's predictive analytics engine. This spring I have mainly been working on advanced NLP for Korean and English for this text mining engine. Our poster participation was also reported in a recent UBIC press release (Japanese).

Technical expert with UBIC Japan

On February 1st 2013 I started working for the Japanese company UBIC (Shinagawa, Tokyo) as a Technical Expert and advisor.


Job hunting in Tokyo

From late October till early November 2012 I was in Tokyo looking for interesting jobs. I found a nice handset rental service which gives you unlimited free data usage in Japan. Access to Google maps is critical in a country where streets rarely have names!

Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (aka "HD")

On June 9th 2012 I passed my last exam (in Managerial Economics) and completed the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School. It was a really cool programme giving you all-around skills and insight into as diverse subjects as International Economics and Corporate Law.

PRINCE2 certification

On May 1st 2012 I acquired my PRINCE2 Foundation certificate. PRINCE2 (Projects in controlled environments) is a popular approach to project management which siginificantly increases the chances of project success.


지금 열심히 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다. 日本語のように難しい言語だと思います。These days I'm studying Korean and finding it to be as difficult as Japanese but in slightly different ways. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating language and I took the 26th Test of Proficiency in Korean, TOPIK (한국어능력시험), in London on April 14th.

Marketing Metrics

I'm currently reading a fascinating book called Marketing Metrics (Farris, 2010) which has some interesting insights and practical tools for evaluating marketing campaigns and efforts in numerical terms. Do all those marketing dollars actually make a difference? And how big a difference? Highly recommended reading.
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